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Switchgear and transformers

It goes without saying that we expect electricity to be reliable, good quality, but above all, to reach the intended destination in a safe and secure manner – regardless of whether it is intended for a stone crusher or coffee maker. This requires the underlying technology: the distribution boxes and switchgear that distribute, monitor and control the distribution of electricity. This is our specialty.

Actually, the difference between a distribution box and switchgear is not so great. More than just size. Industry places greater demands on power distribution compared to a residential building with multiple apartments, therefore swichgear and distribution boxes need to be dimensioned and adapted accordingly. Whatever the purpose, we never make compromises with our customers’ needs.

Low-voltage switchgear

Our engineers always consider our client’s needs when designing switchgear. We operate with a strong focus on personal and operational safety. With our unrivaled built-in solutions, we offer a combination of flexibility and a high degree of standardization.

Modern low-voltage switchgear with the latest technological capabilities in accordance with Standard SS-EN 61 439-1/-2

– The divided configuration groups, both for distribution and motor drives, including fixed, removable or extendable design.

Meets all test conditions in accordance with current standards SS-EN 61 439-1/-2. We are talking about switchgear for drives with especially high demands. Switchgear intended to be energized a single time, where the rail will never need to be de-energized due to a redesign or expansion. Switchgear that can be upgraded safely, even during operation. Switchgear with high operational reliability with a focus on personal safety and a guaranteed long service life. Modern breaker technology from several of Europe’s most well-known manufacturers guarantees that selectivity problems can be resolved. A safe choice for reliable, uninterrupted power supply with the rating 1000V AC, 225-6300A.

Our switchgear is the result of a collaboration with the following suppliers. Suppliers whose well-known modular system formed the structural basis. The depth of our technical knowledge regarding accurate dimensioning, material, breaker position, the ability to avoid potential risks, etc, ensures that we deliver the highest quality results and that standards and regulatory requirements can be met and surpassed.

The switchgear model Tech6000 is built on the Cubic modular system, which we have adapted for the Swedish market. Tech6000 is characterized by: maximum changeability with groups in many designs, high level of safety, built-in functionality, serviceability, maximum changeability, magnetic field reduction, etc. The system combines high quality and high technical levels with excellent overall economy.

For the switchgear model TabulaC, we adapted the Tabula modular system for the Swedish market. TabulaC is characterized by: high levels of safety, built-in functionality, serviceability, maximum changeability, etc. The system combines a high technical level with very good overall economy.

We also build low-voltage switchgear in other well-known models according to customer request.

Medium voltage switchgear

Elbogen Electric projects, design, installation, testing and commissioning of medium-voltage switchgear from leading manufacturers. We have vast knowledge of all commercially available brands as well as their advantages and disadvantages for various applications. Please contact us regarding medium voltage 6-24kV!

Distribution transformers

Elbogen Electric also handle installation, testing, and commissioning of distribution transformers from the leading manufacturers. In collaboration with our partners, we develop the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

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