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We also provide a number of dedicated services. These have been developed around our company’s extensive experience and industry-specific expertise.

Our services include

• Evaluation
• Design
• Establishing selectivity plans
• Breaker installation/ cable calculations
• CAD documentation
• Energy management
• installation
• Testing
• Commissioning
• Function testing
• Contact with regulatory authorities


Project management and Construction is a business area that is strongly aligned with our goal to build long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

We offer on-site design with our customers, and the joint development project creates more involvement with increased responsibility, and thus higher profitability for our clients.

Our complete customized solutions include design and engineering along with manufacturing, installation and commissioning for both the automation components and power supply.

At Elbogen Electric, our customer commitment includes:

• Project management
• Design of power supply installations
• Design of the switching equipment
• Design of US-approved switchgear equipment
• Development of prototypes for OEM
• Project-specific quality and environmental plans
• Facility documentation

Lean Production

Our manufacturing is adapted to provide our customers with the shortest lead times possible. Everything is done to provide a smooth work flow, and our production takes place in a modern, specially-designed facility, providing practical, economically-efficient manufacturing processes. We have a high degree of expertise and know what it takes to provide the end customer with a product that delivers as promised.

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