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Serial production

Are you in need of efficient serial production? Then Elbogen Electric is the right partner for you. We specialize in the serial production of automation cabinets, automation plates and sheet metal cabinets. All installation is completed with extensive testing, which is documented in accordance with each market’s current standards and our customers’ requirements. Our customers come from several different industries, many with international manufacturing operations. Adapting our products and services to suit different parts of the world comes as second nature to us.


• Total customization
• Verification with prototypes
• Volume-based needs
• Repeating series
• Repeatability with accuracy
• Highest quality

We also produce prototypes in collaboration with our customers.

Series production of small and large switching equipment, such as:

• Device cabinets
• Push button panels
• Motor starters, such as DL, Y/D, etc.



We are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with the following US-files

US 508A: Industrial Control Panels    File no: E164637
For the production of device cabinets and control panels

US 845: Motor Control Center    File no: E304755
For production of motor control centers(MCC)

US 891: Dead Front Switchboards    File no: E305219
For the production of distribution switchgear up to 6300A

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