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Sheet metal processing

Cetec AB is a company within the Elbogen Electric group, located in Malmö. Our principal business activity encompasses various modes of sheet metal processing. Cetec AB has a high level of expertise in the processing of all types of sheet metal. In addition to sheet metal cabinets, we can offer most types of stamped sheet metal products and plastics.

Our services can be summarized as:

  • punching
  • edging
  • welding
  • mounting

We have modern machinery at our disposal for accurate, cost-effective processing according to our customers’ precise needs. In addition to sheet metal, Cetec AB works with aluminum, copper, plastic, etc. In addition to processing, we provide a variety of surface treatments such as:

  • blasting
  • lacquering
  • anodizing
  • chroming
  • galvanizing

We also have our own series of IP65 approved device and switching cabinets in several dimensions and door options. Furthermore, we make custom cabinets and other details according to our customer’s needs, and we deliver directly to the customer or provide them with installed electrical equipment per Elbogen Electric.

We currently work with customers across a variety of industries, such as food production, packaging, electrical distribution, healthcare and telecoms. One of our specialties is our stainless steel device cabinets, designed for, among other things, electrical distribution and process monitoring.

Our machinery consists of, among others:

Punching machine Trumpf Trumatic 5000R

  • CNC control
  • Capacity 3000x1600mm
  • Material thickness up to 8mm
  • Punching power 22 tons
  • Pivoting tools
  • Threading
  • Bending

Press brake Trumpf Trumabend V85S

  • CNC control
  • Length 2550mm
  • Pressing power 85 tons

Welding machine Migatronic, TIG, MIG
Stud welding M3-M8
Blasting cabinet

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