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Elbogen Electric offers customized distribution, lighting and multimedia centers for different settings, up to 630A in Protection Class IP20 – IP65, also available in stainless steel.

We have developed the industry’s most user-friendly distribution boxes, the Axess line. It is very flexible and has a number of unique solutions: a removable top and bottom. holes for tensile relief, stable mounting rails, magnetic field reduction, etc. Axess has no size rating, and is also available in various depths, according to individual needs and requests. In combination with our own sheet metal production, we develop unique solutions according to our customers wishes. Of course, we can also provide solutions from other manufacturers.

We have extensive experience in various control and PLC systems, e.g. KNX, Dali, Luxmate, Extronic, etc.

Examples of different distribution boxes

  • floor-standing
  • wall-mounted
  • inset
  • apartment centers
  • multimedia centers

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