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The need to control and monitor processes exists in many different industries and contexts. This may involve controlling production in areas such as water supply or the food production industry, or air conditioning in public buildings and offices, etc.

Elbogen Electric has established a market position as one of Sweden’s leading companies in the production of device enclosures for motor drives and automation, including control and monitoring devices.

Our automation enclosures are installed around the world, and wherever they end up, it is important that they provide problem-free operation. Operational disturbances or interruptions can be very costly, therefore, quality is crucial.

This business area consists of the construction of automation equipment, as well as specialty and serial production.

Our products are characterized by high flexibility, and are manufacturer independent. Components are handpicked and are selected from well-known, high quality brands. This ensures that you have access to spare parts, wherever in the world the cabinets are installed. We also have the skills required to develop and produce unique switching equipment for various industries.

We’re with you all the way, from the initial estimate through design, manufacture and installation. We customize each automation enclosure to your specific needs, and of course, we ensure that international standards are met. The design department has the latest, cutting-edge tools at their disposal for design and documentation.

Examples of automation equipment

• Motor control cabinets
• Control panels and consoles
• PLC controls
• Control boards
• Device cabinets
• Cross-coupling cabinets
• Dc voltage distributors
• Alarm cabinets

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